Go Skateboarding/Disappoint Your Parents Day

Since it was national Go Skateboarding/Disappoint Your Parents Day this past Saturday, why not pay homage by throwing up a deck for you to give a cursory glance at only to decide to go ahead and comment "nah"? Jake already told you guys about Bianca Chandôn, but you should actually buy some product this time around. You know that you already own at least one deck that you have no intention of ever riding, so you might as well buy this one and another random ass joint from your local Zumiez and, just like that, you'd have a dope triptych set up for your office wall. And, of course, by "office," I mean that corner of your apartment that has the surge protector.

4 Responses to “Go Skateboarding/Disappoint Your Parents Day”

  1. adultpiano

    jon moy thinks you can buy bianca chandôn at zumiez, is declared a class-a fuccboi

    • Gabe

      To be fair he says to buy “another random ass joint” from zumiez. There’s a distinction made.

  2. cc

    Cmon moy. I had faith in you. At least tell people to buy boards from their local boardshop. For the sake of humanity please dont tell anyone to buy anything from zumiez. k thx


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