Grading Kanye West’s Paris Fashion Week Outfits

You guys, I completely forgot that Paris Fashion Week for the ladiez was even happening. For real. I seriously haven’t been paying attention at all. But then Kim and Kanye touched down at Charles de Gaulle and all of a sudden shit got real relevant. I have absolutely no idea what happened at the shows, but I do know pretty much every article of clothing another grown ass man wore for four days. Yeezus walks...WITH ME. And we're out here judging him. HAVE WE NOT LEARNT FROM OUR SINS? Hell naw.

15 Responses to “Grading Kanye West’s Paris Fashion Week Outfits”

  1. Trisan

    Kanye’s style is definitely improving, its miles away from that gross obnoxious rapper style.

  2. James Jean

    Aww man, I thought the all black look was tops!

    And shout out to him being on his nigga shit (#RNS) with the hand tucked under the tee maneuver. V RNS.

    Also, shout to to Kim’s post North body. Also RNS too…

  3. anon

    I like Kanye’s jacket on “Day 2, September 29″. Any ideas what it could be?

  4. bernie84

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  5. Ryan

    Your an awful grader dude.. You don’t have the right look on it. Those ripped jeans are genius man. And I think it’s hilarious how you think you have authority over him. Every type of style or look he rocks people fall in love with… Like flyknits.. Yeezys..


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