Grading Kanye West’s Yeezus Tour Outfits

So, Kanye just got engaged, his new tour looks fucking insano and Margiela designed his entire wardrobe. It’s been a great fucking year for Yeezus, hasn't it? The best thing about all the tour and merchandise photos hitting the Internet like a ton of bricks? I GET TO MAKE SNAP JUDGMENTS AND SNARKY COMMENTS ABOUT WHAT KANYE WEARS AND RATE IT ACCORDING TO AN ARBITRARY GRADING SCALE. God bless America.

  • Milo

    did he rip his pants on pic 4?

    • squatty

      no, Jon Moy ripped it with his teeth trying to get to kanye’s nuts

  • queb

    The tour merch looks like some shit Neighborhood would do. I don’t get how it relates to the album at all on an aesthetic level.

  • OK_ok

    How much does it hurt at this point?

  • Jefe NYC

    Maison Martin Margiela* is different than Margiela. When I read ‘Margiela’ it sounds as if the designer himself desined the collection which I highly highly HIGHLY doubt. Being that Margiela left the company around 2008. ‘Maison’ obviously translating to ‘house of’. So the excerpt should read “…Maison Martin Margiela designed his entire wardrobe.”

    • ricesuit

      chill out dude

    • huiche7

      fuck boy

      • Class A Rando

        fuck boy* is different than fuq boi. When I read ‘fuck boy’ it sounds as if you himself was using the correct spelling which I highly highly HIGHLY lame. Being that no one has left a comment with good grammar since around 2008. ‘fuck’ obviously translating to ‘smang with’. So the comment should read “fuq boi.”

        • Uh Oh

          number 1 fuccboi right here

        • huiche7

          FUQ BOI

  • 50 Cent

    Slide 3, dude’s got them fat guy, 6-pack abs goin on.

  • 50 Cent

    Slide 3, dude’s got them fat guy, 6-pack abs goin on.

    • Guest

      Fat guy serratussesese no doubt

  • moss

    Designer, high end, expensive personalised pants ripping. Tells me a lot about how great the quality is.

  • Lynden Mazur

    The cornball peasant on the toga is not wearing any shoes at all nvm mandals.

  • Lynden Mazur

    What is with the Lucho Libre masks?

  • Ken P

    T-shirts actually designed by Wes Lang. Famous NY artist for this kinda style. I don’t necessarily like them but I respect they went to the best instead of knocking him off

  • Class A Rando

    Keep those Belly references coming

  • Jerms

    Just saw his show tonight. This nigga Kanye killed it.

  • Tatsu

    the tour gear looks like ed hardy stuff to me.

  • Homer

    Ye is too dope for life….

  • Leroy van Drie

    Oh snap! My visual of the Air Yeezy’s has been featured! Check out the whole project over here!

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  • Sarah

    Yo this wardrobe is the most insane ever ever I fucking love it and all I can say is: