Some Graphic Design Professor’s Eye Is Twitching

Peep these new T-shirts from Japanese streetwear label Cav Empt, a brand founded by Toby Feltwell, Hishi and a design entity named Sk8thing, whose moniker you may dismiss for being completely idiotic, but is actually the man behind the OG iconic Bape and BBC/Ice Cream graphics. Now that Bape is riding the struggle bus, it makes sense that Mr. Thing would branch off and do his own, decidedly not hot garbage shit. Cav Empt is more avant garde than Bape and BBC ever were and, in general, disposes of traditional graphic design. Like, the way the text is stretched vertically on these T-shirts is probably making some graphic designer professor's eye twitch. Aren't you sick of perfectly minimal graphics by now anyway? Symmetry and sizing and simplicity are getting fucking exhausting.

  • Tucci

    I dont get it, this shit looks horrible

    • Nerd

      japanese tho v rare

    • porninmotion

      Check their site. C.E. is the only real street wear out now besides maybe supreme

  • vanitas

    ACTUALLY, JAKE WOOLF, this “anti-design” aesthetic has been trending for quite a while now and is taught/co-signed by a number of prestigious art schools

  • jack

    this shirt has been out you must have been motivated by that vfiles email huh