The Gucci Messiah Guide To Durags

Hola! It's ya boy Gucci Me$$iah and I have a soft spot in my heart for the wave-producing nylon headpieces you may know by the street name "durag." Since durags are back on the come up, I'm here to share 7 helpful tips you'll need before you dive in.

Gucci Messiah aka Max Henry is an Internet all-star, durag enthusiast and critic of anything somewhat popular living in Chester County, PA. You can follow him on Twitter here.

  • stfumikep

    Why do I even come to this site?

    • Lawrence

      because u have amazing taste

  • #Actually

    Zomg, such satire. Such juxtapose. Whoa, white guy using a durag? No. Wait. HE’S GIVING A GUIDE ON DURAGS!?!?! But that’s what black people use!!!111

    Get the fuck on with this corny shit.

    • thatoneguy

      I thought this shit was hilarious. If it was corny, it did it’s job.

  • OK_ok

    This guy´s dick must have the most boring life ever

    • Just call me HAL


  • jalen rose

    mark ass bitch

  • Dick Rooster

    This is a joke, right pinz? You guys aren’t this low, are you?

  • bo

    this is hilarious. for anyone who doesn’t know about gucci me$$iah, this is all for jokes.

  • fuccyouraunty

    saw this nigga twitter and his twitter is funny but this article right here trash. let me write a fuckin article for you fuccboiz I can def murk dis nigga off. otf300 o block gbe bang bang

    • fuccyouraunty

      nevermind this lil nigha is like 10 how u let a 10 year old write a article I’m done

      • Lawrence


        • Nerd

          lawrence ur slippin my dawg

  • Marco

    Great article and very informative, I am looking toward to more articles from him

  • Big T

    I just have one question where do you store the Durags when you aren’t wearing them is there like a certain way to make sure they stay fresh for your next use

  • ᴍɪʟ

    hilarious. however, you failed to mention the very #rare all over money print durag.

    • SaadDaad

      Nah he says it under color palettes. You and 29 other people failed to read (even though all I did was very mildly scan the first and last 5 words of each paragraph).

      • ᴍɪʟ


  • Trisan

    Did no one at Four Pins wonder if it’s appropriate for a privileged white guy to be satirizing something obviously from black culture?? Did none of you even get a hint of cultural appropriation from this sharticle???

    • devils crotch

      shut uuuuuuup you fffffffucking pusssssy

    • sertsj1

      Everybody that’s white is privileged?

      • Not a cracker


        • sertsj1

          Haha. You’re such a dumb bastard.

          • Not a cracker

            And you’re probably ugly and weird and white. Fall back.

          • sertsj1

            Haha. Keep it coming you worthless piece of shit.

          • smh

            Hahahahah you’re so fucking vapid and annoying. Shut the fuck up with these 4th-grade ass comebacks.

          • sertsj1

            Why do you keep creating different profiles, to then thumbs up your own shit? I wasn’t even talking your stupid ass in the first place.

          • Not a cracker

            1. why the fuck would I create fake accounts just to comment on your white person bullshit?
            2. why are you still talking?

          • sertsj1

            Thumbed yourself up again?

          • Not a cracker

            I’m not doing shit you inbreed… you’re just salty that you lost an internet argument lmao

          • sertsj1

            C’mon, breh. I never lose in duh interwebs battles ground. Too bA$ed.

          • sertsj1

            I believe I can fly
            I believe I can touch the sky
            Hate motherfuckers every night and day
            Spread your broke ass wings and fly away
            I believe I can fly
            Your busted Kia you just can’t drive
            Can’t afford to get an oil change
            Robbed and old lady for her change

  • ポケモントレーナー

    please somebody slap the fuck out of this guys face make sure his fucking Du-rag goes down with him

  • Trill Mister

    Martin luther King ain’t die on the Cross for white boys to be giving US advice on wearing durags.

    • Just call me HAL


      • Trill Mister

        Bruh you a Belieber your opinion don’t count.

  • uncrowndballa

    Can’t front, When I was in the 6th grade I wanted to be a du rag model.



  • longestnameonworldstar

    Hipster bloggers are always doing something “witty” mocking hip-hop culture

    • Just call me HAL


      • DD

        Youre on fire, such cunning wit-_-

  • Chris Tentacles

    Damn uoeno ya boy based GM on some durag status

  • Woofs Mackenzie

    This is why I’m here

  • Just call me HAL


    • DD

      Suck a bag of dicks.

    • Guest


  • Howard

    I love sarcasm but this article is trying too hard. FOH.

  • StylesForPres

    Complex stays failing. Letting these lames have a platform for something they know nothing about.

    • skeeter

      Says the “lame” rocking a pic of washed up Gucci. Your opinion is irrelevant when you fuck with a fag that got an ice cream cone on his face

      • fuccyouraunty

        stupid ass reply skeeter

  • Matthewlesko

    SMDH (shaking my durag head)

  • Carver Low


  • ju-ju-makamori

    Sometimes i skip the article and go straight to the comment section. This was one of those times.

  • you’ll grow out of this

    painful. he thinks ppl laughing with him.

  • jack p long

    y’all just mad he out lookin fresher than u