That Guy Everyone “Knows,” But No One Really Knows, Ya Know?

Stephan Schneider made a jacket that I will tell everyone is one of my favorites this season. You have to be really cool to pull a jacket like this off without looking like the bad guy in a '90s action movie set in the future. If you don't have an aesthetic that can seamlessly integrate baseball gear with asymmetric zippers and shawl collars and kangaroo pockets, you run the risk of looking like the billionaire owner of a mega corporation that is quietly taking control over a major metropolises by monopolizing police, construction, healthcare and emergency services contracts. Or you could just wear the navy version with washed out denim, minimal sneakers and a baseball hat, looking like that guy at openings and presentations and listening parties that everyone "knows," but no one really knows, ya know?

  • Evil Merino

    Sig jacket bruh but sizes 3 through 7? Fuckin come on, at least Thom Browne uses 0 through 5. Is this like an Audi BMW thing?

    • josua

      Just check the measurements man

    • Anthony Sykes II

      The sizing system for Schneider is that 1-3 are women and 3-7 are mens but if you are a thin gentlemen or a fuller (well..) lady you can mix and match from both collections.

      • Evil Merino

        Danke, that explanation actually makes sense.