Gym Commute Gear Vs. Actually Working Out Gear

Damn, these Junya sweatpants have ascended to the next level. Tapered with no cuff? There have never been fashion sweats more perfect to wear to and from the gym—operative phrase being "to and from." DO NOT wear these while working out. The only dudes who work out in actual sweatpants these days are creepy old guys who pay a membership fee to stare at girls on the ellipticals. Everyone knows you wear your rugged, vintage looking workout clothes during the gym commute and you wear the crazy technical gear in the gym. THESE FACTS SHOULD BE BASIC SHIT AT THIS POINT, LIKE TOWELING DOWN THE MACHINE AFTER YOU USE IT.

  • Daniel Rautenbach

    You’re just making one point in reference to one piece of clothing, of which you have 10 photos. You guys could have added a lot more to this, I actually think it’s a very relevant topic that TOO MANY guys fuck up on.

    On the flipside, I do like them sweats.


    Junya sweats, fucking finally

  • Obvious

    These are the type of sweatpants you could wear the first time you meet you’re girlfriends parents and not be considered a slob.

  • The Atlas

    Junya or not, no sweatpants are worth 400 fcking dollars. Get real