Han Kjobenhavn Fall/Winter 2013 Has Pubes

Han Kjobenhavn is perhaps our favorite brand of the moment and if you want to know why, go ahead and lace your brain with the ill knowledge. For F/W 13, H.K. has once again enlisted this badass old dude for their cause both in their lookbook and a bizarre video where octogenarians do tons of blow, both of which making the garments look way cooler than they would on some waifish 27 year man-child. In general, I don't know why brands purposefully recruit pubeless grown men when trying to sell clothes to men with pubes. Clothes are supposed to be aspirational. I don't want to buy garments from a dude who looks soft as baby shit. I can already look like that whenever I want. As for a white haired man who looks like he definitely has been stabbed? Now that's something I can strive for.