Hard-Hitting Analysis On Sneakers That Have Been Out For 3 Years

These Jack Purcell x Comme des Garcons PLAY shoes were pretty dope when they first came out before becoming super strug, but now I think are pretty cool again. Like, if you rock them with the right black pants and black shirt then you may actually look kinda chic and not like some bro who wandered into Bloomingdale's and was like, "Oh, I've seen these on a blog before." Although, if said bro had seen these shits on Four Pins it would be totally OK because we know you are good peoples when you're not threatening our lives in the comments. Also, these sneakers are inherently cool because they're black on black. That's the type of hard-hitting analysis you're going to get when discussing a sneaker that's been out for 3 years.

  • Dillon

    you guys are the biggest trendwhores literally

    • zzzzzzzz

      not sure how they are trendwhores given that they’re endorsing something that is no longer trendy…

  • matt

    anywhere else I can find these?

  • kingleeroi

    130.00 USD for some laced slippers

  • Larry Thompson

    No. Polishing a turd with a new buffing cloth doesnt change the fact that its a twoce polished turd.