Hard To Be Humble With T-Shirts This Dope

Neighborhood is a super exclusive rare Japanese brand that surprisingly goes under the radar for a lot of dudes (peasants) out there. Even if you do know about them, their clothes probably serve more of a purpose to you on the Internet than IRL. But that's all about to change, because you'd be straight ridiculous not to want this shirt. You see, shirts that are just straight vintage-inspired and over-literal are kind of obnoxious, considering you pay a premium to have it look "authentic". You know what else is authentic? Oh, I don't know, maybe a fucking actual vintage T-shirt. But on the other side of things are jokey, hip-hop-inspired tees, which are also super lame. This shirt on the other hand strikes the perfect balance between the two, combining the phrase "Hard To Be Humble When You're #1" with a washed aesthetic. And we agree. No reason to be humble when you're making T-shirts this dope.

  • Jay

    This new kid is undoubtedly the worst/most unbearable writer you cats have got on staff. I’d take Tirado’s whiny ass over this dude , and fuck that guy.

    • Jake Woolf

      Thanks for the feedback.

  • Andy

    If this shirt doesn’t show up in shurt feelings next installment, I will be real surprised. Even cool brands make stupid shit …

  • Dave s

    Is there room for the 51 most douchiest pieces of clothing one can wear? Because this is #51. You seriously have zero taste. As in none.