Harmony Korine And Supreme Go Normcore

God to some, troll to many, Harmony Korine recently shot this Supreme editorial for the popular Japanese magazine Popeye. That said, the setting here is decidedly middle America pseudo-white trash aka Korine's sweet spot. I say "pseudo" because this photoset is basically just a regular Sunday in any given town across the USA, except the clothes are wayyyy cooler. But Korine came in and finessed his "down and out youth" type thing that he does and made them look just like regular clothes. I guess it's true that Supreme S/S 14 appeals to the normcore audience, the only difference being that you can't get your hands on any of this shit. So, Normbeast?

  • Dick Rooster

    Pronounced “suede-oh (p is silent)
    The state of being real while not really being real. Example: even though suede is actually leather, it’s not really leather, nawmsayan?

    • Nerd

      suede-oh? the fuck did you learn to speak english boy

      • Dick Rooster

        The real word is actually spelled PSEUDO, you dicknugget.

        • For real?


        • http://highschool4innovatoes.tumblr.com/ Loveandalchemy

          He’s saying your pronunciation is off. It’s pronounced “sooed-oh”

  • http://highschool4innovatoes.tumblr.com/ Loveandalchemy

    Lol. Normbeast. I’m chillin right now watchin tv on some Normbeast shit. Where’s my editorial y’all?!

  • Rahefee Ali Al-imir

    Fuck out of here!?! This is how normal white people dress so how is this a fucking trend???? Damn devil people I swear