#Harshtags: Part II

Not all pieces are created equal. Sometimes one just isn't enough. When I wrote #Harshtags, it was because I saw that Instagram had quickly become the cultural pulse of where trends and lifestyle choices either flourished or perished. Some of these can be blamed on those who know no better. And others are just becoming so saturated that it's time we collectively take them out to pasture. Agree or disagree all I'm saying is that knowing what not to do is ALWAYS better than not knowing. This is #Harshtags, Part Deux.

Skip Class is a writer living in Seattle. Read his blog here and follow him on Twitter here.

  • Michael

    #BEERCAT is this okay or not okay plz respond

    • Barack Obama

      Frasier, I approve

  • Jonas

    Jesus. Is this what passes for cultural criticism in 2013? Mocking people’s snapshots, thinking up unfunny hashtags, and throwing around cliches like “GTFO”? Not exactly Notes on Camp.

    • http://Ces1ne.tumblr.com/ Ces1ne?

      Thinking we’d find some #SUS-PENDERS & #BRUNCHBROS on your Instagram…….


  • Chris Richter

    You could have saved yourself all the time, trouble, and corniness by simply putting, “I hate Instagram and will sound really whiny and pissy about it if you ask for my opinion. I will also sound like a too cool hipster when doing so.”

  • Alex Bond

    if you don’t like someone’s instagram, don’t follow them. no one on this site’s picked that up yet

    • http://Ces1ne.tumblr.com/ Ces1ne?

      -seems like none of you over sensitive lames leaving butthurt comments have picked up on that yet

  • Miles

    So this guy calls himself a “writer” just because he can come up with some lame disses that are highly petty and juvenile? Good job Four Pins at some “quality” reading material. All this too cool eliticism is garbage, really.



  • Sigtweed & Corduroy

    Can’t tell if these comments are preposterous or razor sharp irony…

  • fuckster

    dude, what you mocked was everything instagram is all about

  • fuckster

    dude, what you mocked was everything instagram is all about