Ur H8erz Will B V Amused

I don't wear shorts that often, but sometimes it's just too fucking hot outside and I don't want to deal with #menswear norms. You know what? Fuck #menswear norms in general. That said, don't be an idiot and make sure you look dope at all times at all costs. It's not that hard. But for really real, you should buy these shorts from Garbstore. Even though they're floral print, they're still in the sadboys color family so they won't make you look like a dork or, worse, a narc. Maybe even rock them with a T-shirt and a cotton blazer made of a different floral print and go full Wooster. Your h8erz will be v amused.

One Response to “Ur H8erz Will B V Amused”

  1. fuccyouraunty

    i swear these niggas post shit that regularly should be $40~ but priced at $100+ thinking its hot when its not. quit looking at pricetags u fuccboi anybody can take your job you are easily replaceable #justkno


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