Heel Tabs Are The New Pocket Square

These Nike's only cost $99! Yeah, A clean coke white upper with a nice blue heel tab detail for less than a crisp piece of paper with a picture of a dude who flew a kite during a lightning storm on it. Write this down: Heel tab details are the new pocket square. You best have a witty customized joint or at least a nice pop of branding. Blame it on Nautica and Polo Sport in the ā€˜90s, but Iā€™m a sucker for a dope logo. And, let's keep it real, the perforated swoosh is sick. Ninety nine bucks to get your struggle Fashion Editor look on point? Yes please.

  • Andrew Warshauer

    Basically a Nike version of the Rod Laver. A cleaner look, but same basic idea with the hell tab.