What The Hell, Nike Just Dropped The Red Octobers

So, what the fuck. After so much fuckery surrounding the release of the Nike Air Yeezy 2 "Red October", from it's initial sighting last year to Kanye's departure from Nike to sign with Adidas, all the way through to Nike's fake out in December, we were certain that these sneakers would never debut. But, out of nowhere, Nike decided to go full Beyonce and drop the kicks randomly. Yes, they sold out instantly even if the site still shows sizes 9 and 10 are available.

Why would Nike do this? Maybe to avoid an insanely hyped online release, but to drop them out of nowhere is still kind of a dick move. Is this whole thing just a troll? Some people on Twitter seem to think so.


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  1. myian barnes

    If this is true, I will never buy another Nike. That’s beyond fucked up, it’s not like it’s easy to buy any of these releases as it is….to release one that people have been waiting forever for under the radar would be absurd.

      • myian barnes

        LOL at your attempt to belittle, but you missed the point. It’s about supporting those who support you. Similar to the way Microsoft alienated their core base earlier this year, Nike did the same thing here. Shoe or not, it’s a product, I the consumer, as well as thousands of others like me were not afforded an opportunity to purchase it. That blows when you consider I’ve been supporting the company for decades and yes, I like shoes. Nowadays it’s almost impossible to even give your money to Nike to purchase something, you have to be ripped off by resellers or risk buying a rep trying your luck on one of these websites. Bad enough people are using bots out there to decimate the size runs. It’s cool though like I said, I will throw my support towards companies who actually want the money I’m willing to shell out….

        • casual_lyon

          you had just as equal an opportunity to buy these as anyone else. Granted Nike’s servers are shit and couldn’t keep up with everyone trying to rush and get their pair, but it’s not like your were the only one. If you really wanted these shoes you would be following Nike on twitter, found out about the release instantly (if you set up your notifications correctly) and you would’ve had a better than shot at getting these. Many people went the route I just explained and got their shoes, you could’ve done the same but you didn’t go to as extreme lengths so now you’re bitching about it to anyone who will listen (me). If you’re as accustomed to Nike as you say you are, you should realize the trends seen with these types of releases and stop being so hurt by the fact that you didn’t get a pair. Go throw your money at other brands, it’ll leave more room for other people who want Nikes

        • JM

          Their core base being the 35 year old female consumer with a college education? No, I doubt they were offended. Those who want the shoe make up a very small % of the nike target market. If you followed nike on twitter you had the same shot as anyone else to grab a pair.

          • OK_ok

            Finally 1 person who gets it.

            Only FUCCBOIS think this fuccboi-niche market really means much to Nike

        • OK_ok

          Comparing a Yeezy 2 release to Microsoft LMFAO

          I stopped taking you seriously from there on. Besides, how could people use bots when it´s a random release? You´re just a butthurt crybaby.

  2. OK_ok

    Why would Nike do this?

    Well, my guess is it means ZERO fucks to their US $24billion revenue empire.

    Don´t people get that Nike makes money selling workout wear and struggle-tier jogging sneakers to your average Joe.

    Nike´s fuccboi-designated marked accounts for like 0,0000001% of their revenues, jesus.


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