Here’s Your First Look At A.P.C. KANYE Fall/Winter 2014

While it seems like just yesterday that we were following the story surrounding A.P.C. KANYE, from the insane quotes of both Jean Touitou and Kanye West to the details of the collection's fit and size runs, A.P.C. just Instagrammed a photo from their presentation which shows what we can expect from part 2 of this collaboration. Jean Touitou previously hinted in an interview with Business Of Fashion at that there would be a second installment to this collection, but details were extremely limited as to when and in what capacity.

As you can see, the new collaboration expands upon the knits and denim of the first offering with several distinct pieces of outerwear as well as woven shirts. The real standout here of course is the fur lined coat, which is reminiscent of Kanye's (and Lord Disick's) own.

Apparently Kanye talked through the looks for quite some time at the presentation, going so far as to say he learned about clothes from Tommy Ton's street style photos. It's also important to note that these clothes should drop around the same time as Mr. West's highly anticipated collection with Adidas, which we recently learned is set to hit stores in September.

Lookbook images via GQ 


  • Sir

    amazing quotables

    • OK_ok

      You riding dick here to? Like HB wasn´t enough for ya? haha :)

  • kingleeroi

    nice timbs


    yo the fur one is 2 fresh

  • prickasso

    this is infinitely better than the shit passed off as a “collection” the first time around

  • 96andforever

    looks like yeezy was right again…he can design clothing

  • Evil Merino

    It’s like an anime villain met Denzel from the Book of Eli. I can dig this. #nomorefuckingnumbersontshirts2014

  • queb

    Every one of those jackets is killer.

  • Michael Di Gennaro

    the first kinda was really basic. This is Kanye getting “backing” to be experimental and delivering the best thing he’s made since MBDTF. fantastic

  • Kang Gineaux

    This is gonna cost a pound of flesh from your first born son’s arm and leg.

  • Anthony Sykes II

    A bit more interesting but the styling could use some vast improvement. That is if you want to look at it like A.P.C.

  • JUP

    This WILL break the interwebs…

  • brandon sales

    looks like it was inspired by brandon sales

  • Stevie Hunter

    What is this, I mean come the fuck on! Kanye has to look further than his own fucking photo album for inspiration! Everything here is either a clear rip of outfits he’s worn in the past!

    • Cult of Personality

      the green parka is fuqwitable but everything else is blatantly derivative

      • Sir

        its not derivative its genuine. hes making shit he would wear himself smfh.

  • Alex P
    • Sir

      and? whats the point of this pic?
      so many designers put out shit they never wear.
      ofcourse these fits look similar i saw that as soon as the collection pics hit instagram. a 2 year old can find similar pics, was that picture suppposed to surprise people? “oh he wore stuff that looks like the collection!” thats a bad thing? nobody needed to make a collage comparing and contrasting it. you guys put all your energy into looking for the negative and its just sad and exhausting to even watch.

      • Yeezy taught me nothing

        Point is Kanye has style. But that doesn’t make him a designer. Get real.

    • Sir

      him making clothes he would actually wear himself is a positive, not a negative.

  • Sway ain’t got the answers

    It ain’t Ralph tho

  • Cult of Personality

    Touitou needs to lay off le hamburgers

  • KanyeKanyeKanye
  • lazy_panda

    Ha! Look at slide 2. Models don’t look impressed