Here’s The Complete Aimé Leon Dore Pre-Fall 2014 Lookbook (You Can Buy Today BTW)

We've given you guys two previews of the Aime Leon Dore's Pre-Fall 14 aka "0114" collection and here we are today with the complete lookbook. I could write about how the color palette is near perfect, with a great shade of maroon and a heavy dose of your upcoming color of the year: cream. I could also write how the split hems and denim overshirt are highlights for me personally, but, let's be honest, the more I talk about this, the more you're just looking for the one sentence that is in blue so you can click on over and buy the gear. And you better hurry because, if history is to be believed, this shit sells out faster than your favorite band when they are presented with a six figure check to write a song for the next shitty T-Mobile exclusive cellphone.

0114 was designed with the end of summer in mind, which means that this shit is versatile as fuck. So don't even worry about the pricepoints, even if they are extremely wallet-friendly. In fact, don't even look at them, just get your size and check the fuck out. You'll wear this shit all the time, I promise. If I was ever going to try and flex my hashtag influence for free gear, I'm not gonna lie, this is probably the time that I would hit the full-on shameless mode button. AYO TEDDY, LET ME HOLD AN INTERNSHIP, DAWG? I'm not based in NYC and I refuse to get coffee, but I will wear your clothing for free and tweet in all caps via your various social media accounts. And that, kids, is how you write a fucking cover letter. Oh yeah, head over to ALD's site right now to get your gear before your #menswear nemesis beats you to it and buys the exact same thing you were planning on copping.

  • Caste

    the product is dope, but you’re pushing it so hard, it starts to feel like force feeding. Between you and Complex i’ve seen like 10 articles in 2 weeks about this brand..

    • itgoesdown

      it’s just a big circle jerk. clothes look nice but the dick slobbering over this is out of control. OH MY GOD THIS IS A BASIC CREWNECK SWEATER WITH AIME WRITTEN ON IT. MIND. FUCKING. BLOWN. SO WEARABLE GUYS!!

      • Caste

        haha well you can also put it that way

        • Jack

          Nice to see there are still many swagless among us. You do you, my guy; it makes the rest of us look that much better.

      • Anthony Sykes II

        Same thing that happened with the Public School relaunch.

        • itgoesdown

          they do it to get their invites to fashion shows and free clothing. there isn’t any actual journalism on this site.

  • queb

    I would buy the denim shirt if not for the tag on the back. Was that really necessary?

  • dom

    fashion kids are never fuckn happy. if you don’t talk about their favorite brand, they cry and bitch about a narrow viewpoint, if a number of websites are discussing a genuinely good new product they cry and bitch about a circle jerk. fam if you’re dead ass looking for “fashion journalism” hop skip your ass the fuck away from the pinz, and go read some boring shit at business of fashion.

    • Caste

      yo dude if you like to read infomercials its your choice, but i like my blogging “independant”, and right now 4p doesnt look independant, i dont mind when they champion a brand or a product, but this is blatant advertising of a product that is nice and all, but still pretty basic, yet it feels like they just reinvented menswear. so maybe hop off a few dicks and think for yourself