H&M To Launch E-Commerce, America Welcomes Them To The New Millennium

You might know H&M as the Swedish retailer where your girlfriend wastes a lot of your hard-earned money and as the mega chain that made Versace, Margiela and, soon, Isabel Marant available for less than some back alley candy. Well, they just announced that they're launching e-commerce in August, so, like, welcome to the year 2000, H&M. Will I be able to buy a Motorola flip phone or TiVo in your new webshop? I'm not sure what it is with these global brands like Zara, Uniqlo and H&M, all of which have just launched online shopping in the past couple of years. Whatever the reasons may be, we're simply thankful we no longer have to tag along when our better halves dive headfirst in a pile of silk blouses.

  • tonhash

    Been available in the rest of world for like a decade. Maybe actually get outside of the US for once?

    • hand_banana

      I can’t tell if your suggestion of moving out of one’s home country in order to shop at H&M is a joke or something like a small brain aneurysm. Perhaps people want to live amongst their friends and family while also buying shit from Ham?

      • nerdindenial

        Lol ^

  • DaSilvaDigital

    the author might think e-commerce is as easy as writing a one paragraph blog post, but as someone who has worked in technology for 20 years with retailers, including fashion companies, i must say it’s an ignorant, elementary post. do it right or don’t do it yet. flip phone? really? great analogy. do you remember Target.com moving tech platforms before the Missoni launch? one might just remember that ‘it didn’t work’, but there’s a lot that goes on with X00,000 concurrent connections. not to mention supply chain and fulfillment technologies working in synch. Target took back its e-commerce operations back from Amazon days before the launch and the site crashed for large portions of the day. It was a black eye for Target – running out of stock and having its e-commerce site crash is an epic fail. if you don’t think the Swedes know what they’re doing – just look at their track record – 243 countries, 3000+ stores, 90,000 employees etc etc how are you measuring success? time-to-market for the US e-commerce site to satiate our consumers? Cant wait to see their pre-tax profits next quarter (the last one was $987 million). launching a ecommerce store on this scale is often outsourced to companies like GSI Commerce (now EBay Enterprise). i’m looking forward to the launch without reservations.

    >> http://www.ebayenterprise.com/clients

    >> http://techcrunch.com/2011/03/28/ebay-to-acquire-gsi-commerce-for-2-4-billion

    >> http://about.hm.com/AboutSection/en/About/Investor-Relations/Key-Figures/Five-Year-Summary.html

    • hand_banana

      I don’t think anyone is claiming it’s easy, but considering less powerful companies with much smaller wallets have been capable of it for more than 10 years it seems as though the second-most powerful retail clothing chain in the world ought to be able to as well. I understand that it’s tough for such a large company to provide an online offering all while it continues to wreck shit retail-wise, but they definitely have the money for it. And everyone else already has.

  • lazy_panda

    haha the title should be “H&M welcomes America to the new millenium” considering their online store has been available in other countries for a while now.

  • http://phantomco.blogspot.com/ Deaunte Shugart

    My sister’s friend steals from H&M, she’s going to get me the Isabel Marant collection #WhitePussyAintNothingButTrouble