Meet H&M’s More Expensive, More Fashionable Older Brother

Do you love H&M's clothing, but hate the price? No? The complete fucking opposite in fact? Well, there's this new store opening in SoHo owned by the people who own H&M and the clothes are supposed to look better and be more fashionable and, yes, finally, are more expensive. It's called COS and I had absolutely no idea what it was until I heard about this new store opening, mostly because I really don't pay much attention to what's happening in Europe outside of checking the exchange rate between Euros and dollars when looking to buy new wears. After messing around on COS' site I bit, I'd say the clothes do look better than H&M's usual hot garbage, with an aesthetic somewhere between struggle Ervell and strugglier Our Legacy. But with prices slightly less than those brands, can you really ask for more?


4 Responses to “Meet H&M’s More Expensive, More Fashionable Older Brother”

  1. john digiweed

    cos really has shit all to do with h&m other than it being the same parent company

    • Basting Wright

      “parent company” “older brother” you see what they were getting at?

  2. Sebastian

    looks like H&M had sex with Top Man and UNIQLO around the same time and they’re mot sure who the father is.


    I’ve been to a COS a dozen times but never encountered anything worth buying. The gear is just not quite right, prices are way above H&M but only slightly below the brands they’re trying to emulate. Better go for the real deal.


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