Hold On, I Gotta Get A Good Patina Going, Gimmie A Sec

If you weren't up on super rare Japanese sneakers, you're in luck because I'm going to talk about Hender Scheme and how fucking amazing their sneakers are. Their all natural handmade sneakers are made in "homage" (I say "homage" when I don’t want to admit to copying someone) to your favorite sneakers ever—Nike Air Force 1's, Vans and Margiela trainers. It’s difficult for a product to transcend the original or come so close to their initial perfection, but these shoes are fucking getting after it. How sick are these gonna look once they get a good patina going? It's like I tell girls who are disappointed in my physical appearance, “Hold on, girl. You gotta wait 'til I get a good patina going. I’m gonna look amazing, just give me a sec.”

3 Responses to “Hold On, I Gotta Get A Good Patina Going, Gimmie A Sec”

  1. youngFrasier

    I couldn’t agree more, Niles. A good shoe should age like a fine Bordeaux.

  2. Nick Grant Nick Grant

    hey Jon Moy. It’s Nick Grant. So have you found a way to get us both a pair of these based on your flawless product review/free goods solutions? No? Well, do it. Or else. Love, the Token Black Guy.

    P.S. I know where you live.

  3. Adam

    Margiela sneakers are also an ‘homage’ to German/Austrian Army Trainers. The classic models look almost identical and most people wouldn’t know the difference (which of course is why they are branded as a “replica” on the footbed label).


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