Honest Lookbooks

Lookbooks are great tools for designers as well as critics. They quickly and efficiently layout a label's influences, themes and the ideal type of customer envisioned for any particular collection. But we all know lookbooks are highly-engineered events, the look and feel of which are often far removed from the reality of who's actually buying the clothes and what their lifestyle actually entails. In "Honest Lookbooks" we break down the discrepancy between the projected subjects and the actual consumers for some of the more notable brands in menswear.

  • Michael

    Hi Jon,
    I’ve given you a hard time in the comments in the past but I just wanna put all of that behind us coz I’ve changed my opinion on you bro (I think it happened sometime after I saw your NYC men’s fashion week pics and realized you got the best taste @ da Pinz). This last few months you seem to have perfected the art of being cynical while still being pretty funny and knowledgeable and not just an annoying douchebag.

    Keep it up bro,
    From an ex hater lol

  • D4ovey

    #12…. lol

  • OTL

    #12…. dayum.

    • OTL

      basically wraps up my life at this point.

  • YungGecko

    Really enjoyed reading this. I agree with the others in that the writing has improved significantly this past month or so.

  • http://instagram.com/isthismenswear Is this Menswear.com

    Nailed the nepenthes life

  • Stjepan

    You guys should spend more time doing stuff like this then about being mediocre.

  • Carlos

    lol, I just instagrammed my FBTs yesterday. Spot on, guey.

  • david lynch is my nigga

    where is acronym or arcteryx veilance?

  • Dillon

    “You’re about style, not fashion because fashion is gay as shit. ”

    This line was hilarious

  • Dillon

    “Jon Moy should write all Four-Pins posts. All”

    – Barack Obama

  • kingleeroi

    #12. . . .pretty much

  • ABM

    Evanston shot actually had me weak.

  • negrodamus


  • Mephisto

    Fire Matt Rimer, give Moy moar money for honest lookboks.


    The Balmain one is actually TOTALLY ON POINT because it describes me purrfectly. OMG.

  • jp

    i work at gant. you just about hit it on the head, except this season they heard about their habit of copping stacks and then letting their moms pick up the tab

  • TJay

    this was spot-on and all but you’ve gotta do one about what certain menswear blogs project and what the blog’s reader is actually like. hearts will be crushed and laughter will ensue, my guy.

  • Eddy

    What about Brooks Brothers?


    Will need a part 2!

  • LordEfan

    #11 is sadly my life. And #12. Probably #1 too. Minus the dreads

  • Calvin

    Fan of Kid Cudi in 2014 ?? Please Jon Moy lets not get ahead of yourself.