Hood By Air Classics Pre-Fall 2014 Debuts At Paris Fashion Week

While Hood By Air shows their main collection here in NYC, the avant-garde streetwear label recently unveiled their Pre-Fall Classics line at Paris Fashion Week. The above pictures may hint otherwise, but Classics is actually intended to be Hood By Air's more traditional, less bizzaro, Americana-inspired collection. Pre-Fall 14 sees Hood By Air's first foray into denim, shown in a sort of split-leg chaps things and super exaggerated bootcut style, as well as a new footwear collaboration with Italian brand Forfex, seen above in various trill go-go boot styles. Additionally, Hood By Air finally launched their own online store. It features all of the logo'd out knits Hypebeasts everywhere love, while a dude with a sweet ass middle part models the goods.

  • NP10

    I really cant tell if this is truly next level or the most disgusting thing I have ever laid my eyes on

    • porninmotion


  • http://www.evilmerino.tumblr.com/ Evil Merino

    Slide 6 he’s so bra-d up


    Really! i cant look at this crap. i did though

  • WAVY

    Someone show this hilarious shit to Matt and Trey asap please

  • Woofs Mackenzie

    nah, man


  • http://theatlas.co/ The Atlas

    Yo. Jake Woolf, Jon Moy. Bruh/s. This is directed at you both. You’ve seen J dot Phoenix in “Her” (2013) right? Cool cool BC your boy needs to know who’s got designed those swagging dad shirts Phoenix rocks in mid 2030. ASAP

  • Kevin

    V futuristic

  • cozyKev

    these are just shayne olivers bdsm sex outfits

  • Jake Heller

    is 6 a dress with bra?….i think thats a bit far