Hood By Air’s “Black XMAS”

Did I miss something or is looking like a post-modern chameleon yeti sex slave the new killing it? Hood By Air's new holiday collection, "Black XMAS", would have one believe such things. These dudes are out here looking like a post-apocalyptic tribe like in H.G. Wells' The Time Machine, Except instead of super hot mixed race chicks we're left with a bunch of dudes with names like Running Fuccboi. This product will actually be exclusive to CLOT's JUICE stores in Asia, but the good news is that this stuff doesn't really look all that different from the Hood By Air products you can buy at VFiles. Although, it's safe to say with the exclusive box logo apron included here, you're actually paying for that extra dose of embarrassment that is integral to any rare Asia offering.






  • Holiday Kirk

    If I saw someone wearing this shit in the real world I’d run up and dunk on em.

    • Nerd

      If I saw someone wearing this shit in the real world I’d run up and punch them in their fuckboy throat.

      • queb

        No you wouldn’t you pussy. You’d probably snapchat your friends a stealthily taken picture and then blush when the person wearing HBA saw you taking it.

        • Nerd

          No I wouldn’t you pussy. Because I don’t have friends. So fuck you.

  • stfumikep

    Silkscreening rectangles on tees. #fashion

  • Hood by Who?

    I’ve always been curious as to the name Hood by Air.
    Is it a play off Surface to Air? Can someone explain?
    All I know for sure is it’s some of the stupidest clothing out imho.

    • fob

      The initial idea of the founder of HBA was to make clothes for gay people that wanted to dress “street”. That’s why it’s hood by air, Shane Oliver said that somewhere.

  • connor

    Im gonna cop this , put the clothing tab on my chest , and finish writing the logo like
    H B A
    o y i
    o r
    Just so every1 can kno how hipp i am , with a playful DIY aesthetic too.

  • Angelo


  • Bitch ass nigga

    it’s not about clothing, but the idea