Hood By Air Fall/Winter 2013 Is Not For Hypochondriacs

Hood By Air just dropped their F/Wi 13 lookbook and, as you can tell, there's a very sterile/hospital/doctorish vibe going on here. Clothes aside, the synthetic hospital lights and surgical masks give me the creeps. Just looking at the these photos makes me feel like I need to go the hospital, like I'm dying or terminally ill. Is it hot in here? Are you feeling that? SOMEONE CHECK MY FUCKING PULSE. Anyway, as for the clothes, they don't really seem to have anything to do with hospitals rather, in typical HBA fashion, are inspired by Metal, motorcycles and, of course, meggins. Maybe the hospital vibe they were going for was of the mental variety, but either way, I really don't feel good looking at this lookbook.

  • Voice of Reason

    This is most retarded impossible to wear disgusting attempt at capturing “Style”.

    This is utter shit. Cant respect you if dress like this in public.

    • Notafuccboi

      As long as you have fuccboi’s willing to buy this shit

  • MedSchool

    This whole 90’s rave tribal revival is one of the biggest jokes ever. I think in 10 years we’ll look back and say ” oh god, what were we wearing” just like we used to do thinking of the 90’s.
    tl;dr : this collection is shit, it’s just slightly better than kokon to zai.