Hot Dog Fried Rice

Are you guys tired of seeing popovers on your computer screens? WELL, TURN THEM OFF THEN. I don't really give a fuck because I haven't actually bought that many popovers this season and I need to exercise that impulse somewhere or else my girlfriend will have to eat another one of my home cooked meals. Normally, given enough time and inclination, I can whip up a pretty good dinner. But after working and commuting and commiserating on the Internet with my fellow "creatives," I just don't feel like roasting or pan searing or letting anything rest. So, I whip up some hot dog fried rice cause that shit is easy as fuck to cook. However, my girl cares about shit like nutrition and vitamins and not eating a lot of hot dogs. Then again, this Warehouse 1920s pullover is pretty fucking dope and would look awesome underneath my new apron.

  • connor

    Those last 3 sentences are why i read this site

  • Tom

    Praise be to Jon

  • Gabe

    I got a hunch you’re not gonna fit in this shirt, Jon.