Houses On Your Wrist

Before I go in on this post, let me be clear: I am in no way, shape or form a watch expert and do not claim to be, so don't hop on my dillz with some ill nerd shit in the comments. With that said, I've been seeing these Military Watch Co. divers make the rounds and, as you can so clearly see, they look really fucking good. As in they look exactly like that Rollie Sub every one of us have eyed before, minus the gold digging dimes hanging off your arm that automatically come with wearing houses on your wrist. In the interest of journalistic integrity, I did some extremely light Google research on these guys and watch geeks claim MWC isn't an actual military supplier and that they're just full of shit, but whatever, man. At prices well below $300, integrity is a non-factor and worth the gamble if you're broke and your blog sucks.

  • LarryB

    Actually the face and hands look almost exactly like a Tag Heuer Professional 1000. How do I know? I’m looking at one on my wrist right now.

    I’m surprised that they aren’t getting their tails sued off.

  • Art

    Lol Larry,

    These guys should be getting sued by IWC, Rolex, and Tag Huer

  • C-Stylez

    Well if they all look so similar why don’t they just get into a circle-jerk and all sue each other.

    Apple and Samsung do it and we all know they’re cool as fuck.