How Is This Not Sold Out?

Do people always ask you what items of a collection you’d "instacop" all the time? No? It's probably because you aren’t a tastemaking influencer superblogger yet. If you asked me, “Hey Jon, what piece of Supreme's S/S 13 online drop are you finna cop?” I’d be like, "Uh…this, duh.” But just the blue, black and red one to clarify. The other one isn’t for me. Although it does remind me of the Charlotte Hornets era so daps to 'Preme for that little nod to better times. For real though, how the fuck is this not sold out?

8 Responses to “How Is This Not Sold Out?”

  1. Ivan

    Its not sold out because it costs upwards of 200 dollars, plus its not even that crazy of a design, someone slaps blue,black, and red on a jacket and thats super dope to you? Id cop if it were 50 bucks, just cause its preme doesn’t mean it’s cool.

  2. fred

    i dont get it

    where is that on the site?

    seems like its……….sold out


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