How To Become A Famous Menswear Blogger

This was supposed to be the summer that you blew the fuck up. How's that going for you? We get it—it's hard out here for a menswear blogger for real, guys. Internet fame seems right around the corner, but, for some reason, you keep coming up empty. Well, you know what, fuck that shit. Fuck having 245 followers on Twitter, while you're busting your ass following 3,657. That struggle ratio does not define you as a person. And your reblog game? How does your photo of Daisy Lowe naked underwater barely crack 20? That shit is preposterous! You're so much cooler than all this and it's not enough for you to know this. EVERYONE ELSE NEEDS TO KNOW HOW COOL YOU ARE TOO. With New York Fashion Week right around the corner you have little to no time to get your coming out party on point. Follow the tips above and get your shit tight before it's too late.

  • Rob

    SMH… This is so dumb! SMH! Like really?

    Just kidding, enjoyed the post. Trying to follow the formula…

  • Kristopher

    “Be as shameless as physically possible.” I dig it. Done and done.

  • Thysz

    “2 girls 1 goat,” This is a premium poast. +1 Mr. Tirado

  • Tucked

    Couldn’t stop laughing…and then I got to the “Quit Your Job” step and almost died.

  • Israel

    I always knew the key to success was treat everything like the first day of high school

  • Tiago

    Men, I gotta get me some of that vest over vest on top of a overcoat action going for me.

  • Wale

    Definitely guilty of the awkward pictures and endless hashtags and since shameless promotional tactics are the name of the game, do check out my blog

  • Matt

    There’s definitely a Ransom font. It’s lame.

  • Peter Coultas

    Haha very funny and a great read.

  • Scott

    very funny

  • patricia

    I’m a huge fan of mens street style… So naturally, I love you guys. Unfortunately, as charming as your style section is, I will never be able to wear anything without looking like a tool (Re: hypbeast females in fitteds/snapbacks)…. Maybe it’s just difference in menswear vs. womenswear that fascinates me. The sneaker game, the camp hat game… the bucket hat game?! It’s all very real. Do I wish these “games” would materialize in the womenswear world? Fuck nooooo (not about the camping life)… But damn, it’s entertaining reading it from this perspective. Great article, super funny, and good luck to those trying to make it <3
    P.S. you guys slept on the ransom font…

  • Richard

    “mAke mE lOoK sTeEzY oR tHe pOoCh gEtS iT.” Ha, this is perfect.Justin Chung watch out. *shameless self promotion*

  • Aspiring #menswear blogger

    Ha this is just like my life @Four_Pins should let me @SteezyMcSteezSteez work for them #menswear #steez #steezy #justinchung #instagram #saturdays #nyc #hotbabes #tittytuesday #basedgod #newrickrosstrack #pooches

  • Steve

    Mostly this list describes Ryan Plett, it seems.

  • blcklistd

    now that was mad jokes…

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