How To Cope With Your Unstylish Friends

Being stylish is a heavy burden, especially when you’ve got to hold your whole clique on your shoulders. You’re living the Internet fashion life—selfies got 1,000 likes, but your best homeboys don’t even have a Tumblr and couldn’t tell Nick Wooster from Nick Nolte. You’re proud to still be close with your boys from high school, but fuck, you’re tryna smang some anorexic interns and your wingman is throwing everything off with his ill-fitting sweater. Chill though, many in your unfortunate position face the very same problem. You may get street styled outside a fashion show with your industry sprezz friends, but your real ass peoples will still be there for you when your sad, drunk carcass is being tossed out of a Wichita Fashion Week after party at Cracker Barrel. You don’t have to abandon your hometown homies to live the fashion lifestyle—here’s a few simple ways you can help start them on their journey to getting on your level.

Angelo Spagnolo is a writer living in Portland, Oregon. Read his blog here and follow him on Twitter here.

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  • Rob

    “Comb” – ha ha. Americans… 😉

  • taylor

    my problem, exactly…. and am not even stylish

  • Porter

    TRUTH. Amen, sista.

  • Chase

    “Why didn’t you give him shit about his JV starter denim?”

  • born4newyork

    Fabulous suggestions- Can’t wait to use them!

  • Theophilus

    Eh, Black? lml


    I just forwarded this article to a friend because he is indeed the most unstylish dude I know. He’s uniform consists of a pair of 501 Levi’s, A white t-shirt with pit stains and Nikes that he bought ten years ago.

    • charlie

      and he probably gets laid way more than you

      • ImwithCharlie

        ^I agree.

  • Tjayy

    Living in Kentucky + Having friends in Kentucky =

  • michael

    fucking LOL. exceptional work!

  • JFK

    So good A-Lo, so good.

  • itsthedoom

    Buying artisinal is basically philanthropy. Feel me?” ya bitches..

  • adam

    i do this shit to my peasant ass girlfriend all the time. it works

  • whatiswhat

    this article should be titled “how to be the asshole everyone tries to avoid”. if you feel like you have unstylish friends, go get in where you fit in with all the other streetwear posers. we don’t need to buy the latest shit to stay relevant. work on your night moves, not your outfit.

    • NotTooShort

      Um, I would think anyone with “night moves” would fall into the category of “the asshole everyone tries to avoid”…just saying bruh.

      • whatiswhat

        anyone that incorporates “um” and “bruh” into their internet comments automatically becomes the asshole, and unfortunately this time we weren’t able to avoid you. and bob seger is not an asshole. just saying fucktard