How To Deck Out

Do you know about Oi Polloi’s Deck-Out? It’s basically where they teach how to wear the clothes that they sell. You gonna front like you don’t look to other people for inspiration or this season you’re “looking inwards for how you want to dress"? LOL PUH-LEASE. JUST ADMIT YOU'RE A COPY CAT MAESTRO LIKE THE REST OF US. The other day I had a pin in my lapel, a hat on my head AND a dope ass scarf dripping off my body. I looked like Josh Peskowitz’s dumber, fatter, less successful second cousin. Every once in a while I dress like the Deck-Out tells me, go into English ex-pat bars and hit on all the pretty birds. One pint later and ya boy is ready to Sex-Out. See what I did there?

5 Responses to “How To Deck Out”

  1. Luchini

    Wow. This is the most awkward bunch of models I think I’ve ever seen. Do they only hire aspiring serial killers/pedophiles?

  2. Ya Boy Boogah

    Dude in slide 5 and 6 looks like your friendly neighborhood sex offender.

  3. Dave s

    Looks like I started a trend. But seriously, there ARE fucking Neanderthals living among us and oi polloi and Need Supply have hired them to show us their brands. Oh, and these clothes are very very sad.


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