We’re Hypocrites And We Don’t Care

Despite our sweeping generalization that all "Tier Regular" Nikes are filled with disastrous, life-ruining anti-swag particles, we realize that general Air Pegasus+ 30's are not and, in fact, look quite good. Does that make us hypocrites? Yeah, but, uh, oh well? There has literally never been a person in the history of the world to live their life without ever doing some hypocritical shit. Anyway, these kicks come in a myriad of acceptable colorways and when we're talking Tier Strug, acceptable is pretty much the end game. Your mom will probably comment on how cute these are which is always a nice morale booster. Plus, you can actually buy these on Nike's online store right this very minute, or tomorrow, or the day after. They're not going anywhere and you won't have to deal with some jabroni at 21 Mercer who laughs in your face when you ask for the newest, flyest shit in your size like you're the biggest fucking asshole ever born.

  • Dagoat Man

    And if you don’t get laid wearing those, it’s obviously because she can tell they aren’t tier zero nikes. Like, chicks can absolutely tell that shit my dude. And chicks totally dig tier zero nikes bruh, forreal. Just go buy a pair right now, they’ll be the ones with the extra zero on the price tag

    • Eazy E

      I actually use these for condoms, because you know what they say – Guys with big shoes put their dicks in them.

  • http://Greyskull.us/ Greyskull.us

    These are a no-go. If you wanna fuck with a nice non-tiered nike do the pegasus 83/30 or the Flyknit free. This is some shit your high school gym teacher would wear. Not the cool one either.

    • niggeriah

      Very accurate

      • Nerd

        Jake Woolf is woolfin’.

  • NeverMent

    yeah except they suck from a “shoe” perspective, as in being comfortable for any stretch of time longer than five minutes standing up, so if you wanna “look fly” for five minutes then suffer all damn day Every Damn Day *swoosh swoosh* it’s all you

  • gcooper94

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