iBought is a magazine all about what people, who design things you purchase, buy for themselves. Yes, it's a magazine that documents pure, unadulterated consumption. I like this style of publication because it reminds me of OG menswear blogs. The Instagram flex is nice, but it's not as good as the blog "shopping post." When ya boy was in Osaka, I went into this bookstore and they were selling this book all about, like, Hiroshi Fujiwara's favorite shit. I didn't buy it, but instead bought this really thick compendium on military clothing. I got back home and the guys from Inventory dropped a post on that Fujiwara book and I was like, "FFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUU."

  • Tucci

    Y’all need some damn copy editors. I see a mistake in almost every post.

    In this one you have “…who design things you purchase buy for themselves.” And then the random quotation at “…good as the blog “shopping post.”

    • roeio

      Sigh. Is good grammar that necessary? You can read gq but that wont be allot of fun

      • Tucci

        Nah but I was a journalism major in college so it irks me every time I see a mistake. It just lacks professionalism.

        • quaken

          4pins is far from professional

          • Tucci

            Haha but it still a popular blog that gets thousands of hits a day, I assume

        • http://instagram.com/isthismenswear Is this Menswear

          How is that journalism major going for you…?

          • Tucci

            Not pursuing it, I have lots of investments in real estate. I’ve went from owning 2 properties to 7 so it’s all good

          • http://instagram.com/isthismenswear Is this Menswear

            And yet we wonder why america is failing as a country…

      • Gabe

        It’s not always a grammar issue. It’s typos and weirdly worded sentences that just read awkwardly. The “vernacular of our time” is fine but one proofread would be nice.

  • B

    Nice save Moy 😉