Ideal For Butt Selfies

Remember when those Juicy Couture sweatsuits with the phrases on the butt were killing the game? Well, these OAMC chinos aren't as similar to those as, say, some Off-White jeans, but they'll still get mad people to check out your booty cakes. I guess this is one of those things that, while you are the one who actually bought the garment, will be enjoyed by others more than yourself. That is, unless you are cool with shamelessly turning around in the mirror, peeking over your shoulder and shooting off a couple of butt selfies.

  • easystreet

    are you serious or

  • easystreet

    you could always cut out the middleman and just buy those assless leather chaps you’ve had your eye on woolf

  • C

    Woolfman, I think you mean “peeking over my shoulder” rather than “peaking”. ;]