The Important Role Of Phlebotomists In Our Society

White sneakers that aren't Vans or AF1s can be dangerous ground. I mean, basically, you can either look cool or like a nurse. Not that nurses aren't cool. Nurses are v crucial to our society. Shoutout to "Desus vs. Mero" for highlighting the important role phlebotomists play in our society. These all white Adidas might make you look like a nurse, but a cool nurse that's down to give you a few extra pain pills and totally acts like they don’t notice how you farted right before they walked into the examination room. THEY NEVER TELL YOU HOW LONG YOU'LL BE WAITING. I'D RATHER FART WHEN NO ONE IS HERE THAN WHEN THEY'RE TELLING ME TO BREATHE DEEPLY AND SHIT. GET OFF MY BACK.

  • wtfwth

    I had such high hopes for the zx500 weaves, but they are so poorly constructed, that I returned them.

    • Richard Tang

      my problem w/ most adidas models tbh

  • Thig Nat

    These are dope.

  • Jordan Baird

    Nice integration of the 3 stripes into the overall design. I think maybe a different choice of white/mix of whites may have prevented the nurse look.