Impress Your Nana

Eidos Napoli is finally hitting store shelves. Do you guys still wear blazers? Or have you gone completely to the darkside and just give zero fucks about dressing appropriately? Nana’s 87th birthday? SWEATPANTS. Brunch with your girl’s family? SWEATPANTS. If you’re gonna be forced to dress like an adult for specific situations in your life you should have steezy real-world clothes. And a classy patch pocket blazer with a sweet texture and three buttons is exactly what you need to impress your Nana.

3 Responses to “Impress Your Nana”

  1. nerd

    was stoked as hell until they only sold it in weird ass sizes on that sight. fuck that shit homie.

    • Richard Le

      You said it. Tell those fancy-ass Euros that we only take our sizes in letters, son!

  2. DWEEB

    just subtract 10 from the number to get the US size. 40 US is usually about a medium by most store’s standards.


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