Indigo Outfit Examples (For Free!)

If a basic is indigo-dyed, chances are I like it. T-shirts, sweatpants, cardigans, hoodies, noragis, you know, typical shit. So naturally, I most definitely dig this trucker jacket from Acne. It comes in indigo-dyed brushed cotton, while its collar is indigo-dyed denim, giving subtle two tone vibes. Add this to your already strong outfit consisting of indigo sweatpants you don't have, layered over an indigo T-shirt you definitely don't have and then, like, some white sneakers that, hey, you might have! That fit advice was free, but I guess it's always free. I think that explains why we're all always broke.


2 Responses to “Indigo Outfit Examples (For Free!)”

  1. andre

    I actually own a pair of indigo sweatpants and a t-shirt. #4pinstaughtme

  2. Machiavelli!!!!

    you’re broke because you don’t check your spelling (“borke”) , so employers can’t take you seriously.


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