Infiltrating The Jelly HQ

Damn, these Jelly's are hot fire. What are Jelly's? Margiela --->'Giela --->Jella --->Jelly, and, yeah, that micro-linguistic evolution all happened via my Twitter feed and text message conversations over the course of roughly 18 hours. As for these sneakers, they're a matte black version of the iconic low-top Replica's, although, personally, I'd prefer them in a mid. Quick, someone send me a white lab coat so I can infiltrate the Jelly HQ in Paris and incept this mid-top idea during one of their Design meetings (yeah, you best believe it's spelled with a big ass capital D in that office). Apparently, a mid full grain leather version was released at Tres Bien a while back, but where the fuck we? Probably tweeting and texting.

  • connor

    one of the first jelly GATs not worth buying if i could


    shit’s are hot garbage, 650$, that’s like 4 pairs of fly ass NB’s

    fuck outta here b

  • Fresh360

    Jelly nah can’t run with that, the proper slang in these streets is 3Ms i.e “Those matte black 3Ms are fresh.” Now try that sentence with Jelly, see yeah not working. LOL (added because sarcasm doesn’t always travel well).