Instead Of Pondering High-Level Societal Commentary, Just Robocop

Am I to assume that perforated garments are a comment on social media and the Internet age and how we all overshare with strangers rendering us "transparent"? LOL NAH. Instead of pondering high-level societal commentary, just robocop this fucking laser perforated jacket. It could look super dope if you just style it like a normal person. I would not recommend wearing a mesh tank top underneath. Unless, of course, you're auditioning for the remake of Demolition Man. HOW DO YOU USE THE SHELLS?

  • Bob the Ex patriot Aka: Mathew

    THis Shat is reeaallly GAYYYYY !!! this is whats worng with america u inbreed fucks, i gave a more tthan jus my buthole for this country but my SOULL as well you fuckin fashion fagets, materialistic fucks, u lke it when i call u my suckin bitch dont you ? YEA u like gettin fucked by this dick wit all its AMERICAN JUICES Flowing and burstting u GAAAAAYYYYYY Fags- i think yalll are some homo lovin bitches that can suck on my white delicious PENAI – I DARE SOMEONE TO RESPOND !!!!!


      People like you just really make me lose faith in humanity, seriously. I’m not a homosexual but i respect fashion and clothing and can still be straight. Fix the fuck up, you are hilarious

      • Bobert

        Have some respect, that’s my father you’re speaking to.

    • Loveandalchemy

      You might as well be who you’re talkin about bc you probably gets no V, brah. Shout out to my gay friends mindin their biz while dudes like this stay mad angry typing about u

    • Ralf

      “Maybe if I’m mad disrespectful to homosexuals in the Four Pins comments section, hide behind thinly veiled patriotism and use way too many uppercase Ys to spell gay nobody will suspect me”

      -Bob the Ex patriot Aka: Mathew

    • Kevin