Inventive Takes On Ubiquitous Objects

Workshop Residence makes this tote based on the ubiquitous plastic bags we all use to pick up dog shit and carry stuff we don’t really care about. Instead of just using the seven hundred thousand plastic bags that are in that one drawer in your kitchen you never go into unless you need a twist tie, use this taffeta one because fashion people love “…inventive takes on ubiquitous objects.” Shout out to the copywriter at Neighbor who lets us all know that this bag is the same size as a generic plastic bag.


  • BlackMinimalist

    Must cop so that I can stunt on the peasants when I go to get my groceries

  • fuccyouraunty

    fuck is this mane

  • fuccyouraunty

    im def gonna get flagged down by a cop for this in LA since plastic bags are not illegal

    • Deaunte

      They’re not illegal, they just cost now