Here’s Your First Look At Jay Z’s Collaboration With Barneys

As we previously slandported (slandered/reported, get with it), Jay Z x Barneys is coming and that means a lot of things. For starters, Jay Z probably had very little to do with actually designing these clothes. Two, Barneys isn't fucking amateur hour and knows how fast this shit will sell simply by attaching Hov's name to it. Any product in the entire world could have been pitched to them and they would have whipped up some drawn out, corny copy about Jay Z's impact on NEWYORKCONCRETEJUNGLEWHEREDREAMSAREMADEOF. We can also assume that, based on what we can see here, this shit is probably going to fall somewhere between sucking and being decidedly mediocre because lately that's the zone Jay Z is most comfortable with occupying. If you're more impressed with the charity angle than we are, Jay Z x Barneys New York drops November 20.

  • lolwut

    Anybody who buys this is a tool.

  • queb

    Jay-Z sucks so hard for so many reasons it’s incredible. He’s like the antimatter Kanye.

    • MikeOxard

      You’re just too stupid to comprehend what he’s saying.

  • Crawford Roark

    Horrible logo

  • Dagoat Man

    yeah but that ring still looks kinda dope

  • KCKing

    Was this copied from Jian DeLeon’s story on the same thing over at the GQ Eye that posted at 11 am? And yes, this collection is crap. That cross logo? Jigga man please

  • MQ

    backpack is pretty clean…


    this needs to be in target

  • Keith

    Some many haters on his dick, why dont you jump off, instead of being on the pc hating on everything you cant do