Jeff Staple’s 20 Worst Sneakers Of 2013

Jeff Staple's ascent to streetwear superstardom can basically be traced back to 2005, when he designed one of the most highly-coveted Nike Dunks of all-time. Known simply as "The Pigeon Dunk", the sneaker incorporated his iconic pigeon logo and a grey/pink color scheme into the timeless silhouette. Since then, his avian logo has graced both his own Staple Design clothing and a handful of other collaborative efforts, including those with New Balance and Kangol. As for Staple's Lower East Side Reed Space, the store carries some of the best streetwear labels on the market, such as FUCT, Norse Projects, Fragment, Reigning Champ and Undefeated. This all boils down to the simple fact that, as both a designer and retailer, Jeff knows what the fuck is up. And, yes, while "best" year end lists are necessary, pointing out the absolute worst of the worst is more our speed. And that's why we turned to Staple to name his worst sneakers of 2013. Here they are in no particular order. Try not to throw up.

All images courtesy of Hypebeast

  • Luchini

    Come on though. Inneva Wovens are some of the best fucking shoes ever in the right colourway, and the all-black free flyknit’s are an amazing summer shoe. The whole ankle cut-off thing is a non-issue with inneva’s and the flyknits loosen up after about 2 wears.
    The rest of the listed kicks are ugly as fuck though.

    • tru

      As an owner of Inneva Wovens I agree.

  • peter

    i own the nike woven and they feel fucking great so SMD

  • GEB

    Um, Flyknit Free’s…I run, daily, and have in every Flyknit model, and these have been my go to since August. My crew runs through the LES everyday, haven’t seen you on any of our runs Mr. Staple. Maybe that’s why your opinion on this model is skewed?

  • Class A Rando

    It’s much easier to agree with a list of the worst anything versus disagreeing with a list of the best anything. Especially in a world with Rick Owens and Adidas collabs

  • Ocean

    Really don’t care for anything Jeff Staple contributes to…

  • ke$ha

    u forgtot the PUMA Pigeon Suede

    • Jamesbond232

      Real talk….talk about reusing the same old boring color blocking.

  • Hey you

    what kind of fat ass ankle do you have Jeff Staple? Neither my Margiela x converse nor the Innevas cut my ankle at all. M

  • Holiday Kirk

    Those Lil Wayne shoes made me dry heave.

  • Jean Paul Versace

    hah jeff staple has sensitive ankles

  • Tony

    Raf Simmons sneakers remind me of Gundams.


    ADIDAS X RAF…think Legos. I concur, the ADIDAS X RICK OWENS was one of the worst sneaks of the year or of the last 30 years for that matter.

  • khaled

    i want to wear the reebok atvs

  • So It Begins

    i cant agree on the stussy x timberland collab

  • Dumplings4Everybody

    Maybe Jeff should focus on making clothing that isn’t fucking garbage

    I owned a Staple shirt once. Worst decision of my life

  • mikeylab

    innevas wovens make my feet feel great, even when i am on them all day