Justin Saunders : Tumblr :: Virginia Woolf : Feminism

JJJJound just dropped this new Canadian-made crew neck sweatshirt that features his logo on the breasticle region. Rock this abreast your bestie at a festival and bump chests while the music plays at crazy decibels. Damn, I should be a rapper. My last name is already a good start for a hip-hop moniker, but my whole life motherfuckers have found it even the tiniest bit funny to be all, "Two O's in your last name? So you say it like, 'Woooooooolf?'" No, you dick, it's the last name of the mother of modern feminism, Virginia Woolf. She was basically to women's suffrage what Justin Saunders was to Tumblr and look, he's got a cool online store that uses two P's and an E to write "Shoppe," which none of you are complaining about.

  • Downtown Julie Jjjjound

    Will all due respect to Justin Saunders, this is some basic sh*t.
    Granted the man started a style of blogging/tumlbring… but jjjjound has become eclipsed by a sh#t ton of other sites. He barely updates it now and half the pics are pixelated, and the other half are laydowns of random dad jeans.

    Speaking of laydowns… sup with the weird way the sleeves are folder behind the body of the shirt. Also, pretty sure the logo is photoshopped on there.

    Must say though, this thing is probably great for absorbing any weaksauce that may dribble off your chin however