Sitting Next To Kanye West At Hood By Air Spring/Summer 2014

Ye sat next to me at Hood By Air Spring/Summer 2014. Okay, well, not right next to me, but it was, like, Noah to my right, a gap between benches, a new bench, some dude and then Yeezus himself. Either way, I'm really proud of myself for not pooping my selvedge and managing to look somewhat composed in the photos that Yeezy and I are both in. Anyway, Kanye walked in, sat down and was immediately mobbed by 50 photographers faster than you can say, "Don't talk ever again." Seeing this phenomenon in person was pretty wild and made me realize how much that shit must truly suck because this literally happens every single time he goes anywhere. I've maybe had three photos taken of me in my entire life and I can't manage to make my mouth look normal in any of them, and this dude has roughly 500 pictures of himself added to the Internet every day.

As for Hood By Air's new offerings, S/S 14 was expectedly outrageous, although I will say that the show itself was much, much more organized than last season, where models sort of Smeagol crawled down the runway, did some interpretive dance things and A$AP Rocky posed for 5 minutes. Regardless, Shayne Oliver knows how to pull together a fucking spectacle that had everyone talking on Sunday. And honestly, I actually dig those beaded necklaces because they bring back fond summer camp memories. The collection showed growth and displayed probably the widest range of wearable garments that aren't Hood By Air's "Classic" range of graphic T-shirts and hoodies. Love 'em or hate 'em, Hood By Air and its accompanying hype machine aren't going away anytime soon and I'm looking forward to seeing what they pull off in seasons to come. I mean, so long as I get to sit next to Yeezy again.

  • Brando Rondon

    is there some connection with the coloring on the model’s cheeks that was mentioned in the show?
    lupus statement?

  • blazzy

    why does slide 2 model look like tuco from breaking bad?

  • PAIN

    Four pins fucks with HBA now? Dead

  • khaled

    idg hba where are the pics of you and ye

  • Gabes

    Well this stuff looks hideous.

  • Mturman3

    Hood By Air is a great brand name, but this shit sucks. Wearable? Where exactly are you going that you want to wear this?


    Damn that shit looks ridiculous. Baldy in his tighty whites takes the cake, but most of this is completely unwearable. HBA also teaches a nice lesson in how to get as many logos as possible on 1 garment.

  • queb

    For a label that’s hyped to be cutting edge this collection, like all their others, looks pretty conservative. I.E. rehashing the same play between sportswear/streetwear that’s been in vogue for what, a decade? There’s certainly been a progression in terms of design over the past year, but it’s still nothing that warrants any of the attention the label gets. Great marketing, mediocre clothes.

  • Creative Director

    Screen printing on other brands basics. Is Virgil the creative director?