Is Kanye Teaming Up With Former Balmain Designer And Mental Hospital Patient Christophe Decarnin?

So this Kanye West fella just won't stop doing interesting things. If you're tired of hearing about them, then might I recommend calling us dickriders? There's a perfectly functional comment section below, and it's a hilarious joke that lands every time. For the rest of you great people who likely love us here at the Pinz, we just got wind of some fresh Yeezy news courtesy of Vogue UK and it smells better than Kim Kardashian's hair, we imagine.

Apparently, Kanye's eponymous collection is coming back. We previously reported that Kanye was rumored to be debuting a 100 piece unisex collection and new information has surfaced regarding his enlisting top tier industry talent to help his cause whatever that may end up being. Particularly, Yeezus is said to be teaming up with former Balmain designer, darling of Paris and mental hospital patient Christophe Decarnin. Nowadays, Balmain is headed by young Instagram flex lord Olivier Rousteing, although it is Decarnin who originally reinvented the Parisian label into its current, modern, youthful, beloved self. It's likely that Kanye would want Decarnin to help give his collection a signature rough yet luxurious edge, but only time will tell if these rumors are true.

  • Kid A

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    my favorite type of article with my two favorite things! Jake Woolf and Kanye West!!!

  • john

    my favorite type of article with my two favorite things! Jake Woolf and Kanye West!!!

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