Kanye West x Adidas Coming In September According To Kanye West

Save the date, Yeezus disciples! While few details have been made available regarding the impending Kanye West x Adidas collaborative effort since it was announced last month, in an interview with Chicago's B96 radio, Kanye stated that the brand will be unveiled in September (of 2014, we assume). Additionally, Kanye stated that the brand will not only include sneakers, but athletic apparel for men and women as well as stand alone stores for the label. That's right, there will actually be entire retail spaces dedicated solely to the project, so, wow. These facts seem to imply that the project will be less similar to a typical Adidas collaboration and more in line with the model set forth by Y-3, meaning Kanye is getting the opportunity to create his vision he wanted so badly for real real. We'll update you as more information surfaces.


  • NP10

    If this flops no one will ever take him seriously again

    • Angelo


    • Oliver Hutton

      And if he kills it, people will still find excuses to deny him any credit.

  • p

    You are really on dude’s dick

  • Julio

    Kanye west is a bean