The Kanye West Yeezus Tour x PacSun Lookbook Won’t Be Bringing The Confederate Flag To Your Local Mall

Yo, it's 4am and I'm zoning at Newark International Fuck Circus and I'm trying to head to Cleveland to do the "good boyfriend" shit right now for Thanksgiving, but I still gotta do my job because Schlossman is a ruthless overlord. Aight? Aight. So, Kanye's Yeezus Tour merch is getting a second shipment at PacSun and is set to drop on Thanksgiving Day (here's a handy countdown clock in case you're a moron). This basically means a lot of navy blue MA-1s and short sleeve sweatshirts are gonna have cranberry sauce on them this year. The graphic T-shirts we've seen before, namely on the tour itself and at the accompanying pop-up shops, but honestly it's good to see that PacSun seemingly put their foot down when it comes to slangin' Confederate flags at your local mall. Can you imagine what the average person would say if they were just strolling through the mezzanine holding a Sbarro slice in one hand and a Panda Express platter in the other and just happened upon some quasi-racist re-appropriation? As far as I can tell, Americans do love crosses so, not that it needed the help or anything, but this shit will sell out faster than you can say "marginalized".

  • queb

    That bomber is kind of ni- oh.

    • Ken P

      just gotta take a seem ripper to that cross

      • bpeu

        or just get another bomber..

  • Booga Snitzle

    I’d rather waste my money on blow and a hooker this thanksgiving.

  • Master P

    Kanye is starting to turn corny. PacSun? These Kardashian women got him crazy – look what they did to Lamar.

    • PG

      he’s in rhode island at URI rehabbing lol…

  • qrct1


  • Jibril and Jalan Durimel

    Why is the photography so mediocre. Pacsun please give us the Job next time and we’ll promise a much better job!

    Jalan and Jibril Durimel

    • ngr pls

      ngr pls

  • recirich

    Marginalized lol

  • realtrehunnaJR Bow

    so everyone just gone ignore how cold that short sleeve sweatshirt is?
    to have some merch like THIS at Pacsun is dope

    • kingchilli

      make that shit with some scissors fool

  • FruitoftheLum10

    still easily the most fire collection in pacsun history