The Four Pins Guide To Staying “Next Level”

Are you trying to come up in 2014? FUCK YEAH. This the year you get that show on Esquire’s new TV channel, bruh. This the year you get that blue check on your Twitter. But, in order for all good things to happen, you’ve gotta stay next level. Staying next level is almost as exhausting an endeavor as suffering under the yoke of your own influence. However, it can be done. In fact, it must be done. How else will people know who's the "cool one" in your group of friends? Don’t worry, my guys, Four Pins HQ is actually located on the next level, so we're sending down some crucial info to the mezzanine level. See you up here soon.

6 Responses to “The Four Pins Guide To Staying “Next Level””

  1. Michael Di Gennaro

    guys, this is actually NOT how to live next level 2014. it’s actually how to go broke in less then three weeks 2014.


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