This Kid Can Put His Pants On Without Using His Hands And It’s The Funniest Shit Ever

Do you guys know someone that's really proud of a "skill" that only they possess? Like, I knew this kid in college that was really proud of the fact that he could finish a Rubik's Cube super fast as if that would have any bearing on his future successes in life. I also knew this other dude in law school who was super proud of his penchant for beer pong even though no one plays beer pong after college except people who were not fun or cool in college. Well, this dude you see before you takes the cake for being proud of something no one should waste their precious moments on this planet learning. See, homie can put his pants on without using his hands, which is kinda like bragging that you can ejaculate without the help of another person. Sweet job and all, but no one really cares and, like, it's sorta embarrassing. Good for you, Pants On With No Hands Guy. Maybe, if you're lucky, people will recognize you on the street and be like, "Good job on making a really simple task extremely complicated and drawn out in a super hilarious video for our enjoyment."

  • azuur

    He already be stuntin’ in that nice ass house bruh.
    This is his hobby on the side. True passion.
    He is living it.

    • douche

      that looks like a japanese apartment to me, it’s just clean as fuck cuz japanese people are like that

      • azuur

        Yeah well I have been to Japan and no.
        Plus he is Chinese so there is that.

  • FyuuR

    Those aren’t even raws