Kith’s Indigo Collection Won’t Make You Look Like A Total Pile

Kith NYC is set to drop their new Indigo Collection, their first official full clothing line. Essentially, the offering is a series of knits and jackets and I guess other things that are all, as you may have deduced, comprised of the color blue. Designed by the one and only Nike iD legend Ronnie Fieg, Kith's Indigo Collection is essentially shit you wear when you don't want to be a total pile, but also don't want to really get dressed. Like, maybe you had 3 or 6 too many boozes last night, but want to look decent as you shovel a BEC w/hot sauce into your face on a park bench, whilst getting these tweets off. Also, shouts to Ronnie for knowing what's up and blessing these bomber jackets with double zips and for making some mild diaper butt pants. Our influence is palpable.

  • wakkoman

    the kith logos look whack and ruin a lot of the pieces, but people will eat this shit up because of the hype

  • WAVY

    I can’t exactly explain why, but IMO Ronnie Fieg is a humongous punch magnet. Maybe it’s just me…

    • connor

      He the type of nigga to nominate all his shoes for the best of the year list. true story.

  • stfumikep

    Dislike Ronnie as a human being, dig this collection.

  • Quickstrike

    The clothes themselves look cool, but the logos are a bit overbearing. I thing sometimes subtlety goes along way. I think he’s trying to emulate Supreme’s branding style too much here.

    • dontbuyweakshit

      a looooooooooooong way

  • Quickstrike

    think* a long*

  • Guest

    the logo on the shirts should be a woven label so someone can have the option to remove it or just go full fuccboi

  • Austin

    I like Ronnie… That nigga was on that sweatpants wave v early

  • Larry Thompson

    Gotta have those giant ass logos for all the ex-tommyjeans alumni.