Knight Hoodies Are

Wow, Etsy really is the home to many things that shouldn't have homes, like the virgin-approved Awesome Knight Hoodie, as in the brand's name is literally "Awesome Knight Hoodie." Catch us out here on our valiant steeds, jousting into your girl's DM's like Lancelot thirsting after Guinevere. What do you guys think it's like to order a chalupa, while wearing something like this? I can't wrap my head around it. Sure, I currently dress like I'm sponsored by Chico's, but middle-aged women are the target demographic for a ton of consumer experiences, so I'm totally comfortable ordering macho tacos with french fries while wearing a long cardigan. Can you imagine tryna cop some Jimmy John's while LARPing out the Chevy Cruze in this fit? According to designer Catherine Kim, "The world has changed since the days of Camelot, but the honor, chivalry and bravery of the medieval era is no further than your coat rack with the one-of-a-kind Knight Hoodie. Soft and comfortable yet clearly recognizable as knight's garb, these handcrafted knight hoodies are made with exquisite attention to detail that inspires both awe and envy." Is that not the best product description you've ever read in your entire life?

  • Joost

    Kanye West 2015 tour kit

  • MC

    Who exactly is the target demographic for the cheetah print one? Can’t see LARPers taking style cues from nicki minaj

  • Mick Marx

    a few of these might actually be alright with less detail, like those ridiculous gaurd your grill facepieces

  • Whoops

    dick owens f/w 2025

  • Corey

    I will be disappointed if Lawrence isn’t wearing this in a fashion bros episode.

  • ELMR

    slide 20 is really bringing goth ninja to a whole other lvl

  • Loveandalchemy

    Half ass cosplay